Technical Trades March 2014 – Free Download. Webinar on Indian Elections – Do they change market trends or otherwise ?



Previously we have come up with our monthly reports called Technical Trades in December, January and March 2014. ( We skipped February as we did not find enough positional setups)


We recently released the March report on 18th March 2014. Some of the stocks like VIP Inds, Marksans Pharma have rocked with 30% moves and others with 8-12% moves. Apart from these stocks some are still available at just above entry prices and could be interesting trade setups. Also a couple of long term bets.


You can download the report for free by sharing it on facebook/twitter using the below link. 


Also you can pre-order the next report which we may release either in April or May depending on market opportunities. Also it may have some additional stock picks or webinar.


Indian Elections – Do they change Market Trends or Otherwise?

The presentation will be done online in a webinar ideally on March 23 or in a weekday in next week. Those who cannot attend will be able to watch the recording.



It is a detailed presentation on Indian Elections and market movements in 2004/2009 and the current scenario of 2014.


Was Black Monday on 17th May 2004, The Upper Circuit on18th May 2009 due to Indian Elections or a mix of Global Conditions?


What are the current global market trends and scenarios ?


We will be looking into charts of Sensex/Nifty for India. Hang Seng, Nikkei, Taiwan,KLSE in Asian Markets. CAC, DAX, FTSE in European Markets. Dow Jones in US markets. Others of Brazi,Russia,Argentina and other examples.


Indian Elections – Black Monday on 17th May on 2004?


How all global markets fell in April-May 2004?


Why 7 out of 10 markets were down on 17th May 2004


The upper circuit on 18th May 2009 was due to Indian Election results or Global Conditions ?


Performance of Midcap Index post Elections.


Discussion on Sectors that can outperform over next few years.


Technical View on CNX Midcap and BSE Smallcap.


20 yr CAGR of 9% how will the next 5 years be?

Long Term Technical projections for Sensex.


It will be held on Sunday 6th April, 2014


Timing - 11 am - 12.30 pm.


You can subscribe for the same on this link


Thanks and Regards,


Nooresh Merani

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Thanks and Regards,

Nooresh Merani

Twitter –

Facebook –

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