Technical Trades – December 2013 and a 30% discount coupon – At Rs 699



We expect the next few weeks to be very stock specific and a lot of interesting trade possibilities.


We have discussed quite a few of our high conviction trade setups in the following report.


In this report we would try cover the best possible trading setups and the potential risk-reward entry points on a lot of technical parameters.

Main Sections of the Report

1) Nifty Technical View
2) Bank Nifty and Nifty Divergence and Inferences.
3) Large Cap Trade Setups
4) Top Technical Trading Setups in broader market - High Conviction bets.
5) Techno Funda Small Cap and Midcap Picks with a preferred sector.
6) Couple of High Risk High Return Small Caps.
7) Dividend Yield Plays in Small Caps.



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Technical Trades - December 2013



Also additionally get a 30% discount coupon for our monthly/quarterly packages. This implies our Advisory Service – QuickGains Premium – Monthly Membership which is priced at Rs 4500 will be available to you at Rs 3000 if you subscribe the above report.


( P.S This discount coupon can be used only once and not applicable for half yearly/annual plans or Platinum Membership )





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