Dow Jones – Deja Vu 2011 ? End of QE 2 , Debt Limit. 2013 – Govt shutdown and Debt Limit

Dow Jones


Its been quite some time since i have looked into Dow Jones and before writing this post did look into some blogs and mails to get a sentiment av


Now what is interesting is the above chart looks pretty similar to 2011.


In 2011


- > End of QE 2

-> Uncerainty around Debt Limit Negotiations

-> S&P downgrade.


Now in 2013


-> Fed Tapering

-> Govt Shutdown

-> Debt Limit


Now the technical similarity


-> A good strong upmove from lows after consolidation

- > Took 3-6 months to form the Head and Shoulders formation.

-> Almost a similar size of head and shoulders. ( little lesser target in 2013)


Although this is a presumption that a similar pattern will unfold but a break below 14750-14850 will confirm the possibility of a downside.


This for now is an interesting similarity but will keep watch on a similar breakdown if happens will need to act accordingly as a such correction in US markets will keep other markets also under pressure or maybe lead to a global correction.


This is another chart from Chris Kimble. Link to the post and the chart below.




Bottomline : Although there is no confirmation of a breakdown but one needs to be alert for acting on shorts as and when the price ticks below important support levels. Better to be cautious than brave at this time.



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