Sensex at very important support levels. Time to look for Value Picks irrespective of Market

Hi All,


There seems to be a bout of capitulation and panic in the market and we are reaching our crucial band of supports at 17000-17300.


If Sensex breaks 17000 levels it could lead to more panic but a bottom closer to 17300 if holds will see sharp reversal.


Best Strategy to go for is look for stocks with deep values where there is good margin of safety.


Some of stocks recommended to clients are being discussed here.


BOC India – Buy at 275-280 and add further on dips to 250.


ITC on dips to 185-175.


First Leasing 80-88.


There are a few more picks which we are looking into where there is good margin of safety and can be discussed as market corrections may give good opportunities.






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