Small Cap Coverage Update – Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation Limited

Few days back i had posted a coverage on Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation.

The stock then quoted at 400-430 levels hit a 20% freeze today with a price of roughly 559 +.

Well as all my stock picking is technically biased so many a times even in our fundamental medium to long term picks we end up getting pleasant surprises with quicker then expected moves.

Bombay Burmah has given a return of 30-35% already and at 560-600 would suggest booking half the quantity. Although the exact valuation of holdings comes to 2200-2500 crores more then my rough expectation of 1700 crores which gives a good possibility of further upmove but booking profits is part of the investment strategy.

People who have made money out of the above recommendations can ensure further profits by joining our Advisory Services 🙂

Previous Small Cap Coverage stocks have also given exceptional returns.

Do have a read into the below link to get a view of previous picks. 


Stocks to watchout for :

Have been a little busy of late with work and other commitments so might not be able to update daily.

Kaveri Seeds Limited recommended a couple of days back is a medium term call with a timespan of 3-4 months. As mentioned that one should look to complete the intended quantity at 280 which would give an acquistion price of 295. Continue to maintain the positive outlook on the stock but impatient investors maybe better of exitting on rise as we take patient slow moving stocks 🙂 which give us time to accumulate in Delivery Gains ( sometimes we get many pleasant surprises)

Lakshmi Vilas suggested at 98 did the 1st tgt of 115 should book profits and re-enter on dips.

Omnitech does tgt of 225. Strides moves to 460 + . Continue to maintain strong view on Tea Sector.

Valecha Engineering buy if stays above 192 for a short term target of 210.

Mirc Electronics seems an interesting bet after the sharp rise in rest of the better consumer good companies.

Arvind Mills has given a breakout and should head to 42-45 in near term. Buy on dips.



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  1. xyz
    August 5, 2010

    Bombay burmah and many other stocks aren’t reco. To clients which give more than 40-50% returns … Clients get calls with 10-30 % returns… One more thing .. Is ur wealth management service on … Wht Is the risk apetite and can I get 10% returns monthly with my capital intact

    1. nooresh
      August 5, 2010

      I prefer people disclosing their identity.
      Bombay Burmah exact report was mailed only to our students group. In our advisory services we look for higher liquidity stocks so more exposure can be taken.
      For Wealth Management please use the contact form to give ur details. We are not looking at 10% monthly but 30% annually in wealth mgmt

  2. Asawari I.
    August 5, 2010

    What a tereffic move!! ……… unfortunately I did not buy……….
    Hats off to your studies!!

  3. Rithik
    August 5, 2010

    Dear Nooresh,

    I would like to appreciate your analysis on delivery picks and thank you.

    Can i buy Omnitech now ,if yes what would be the stop loss and target


    1. nooresh
      August 5, 2010

      Hi Rithik,
      For us Omnitech was a trading call from 205 to 225.
      You can buy around 205-210 with a 5% stop

      1. Rithik
        August 5, 2010

        Thanks lot Nooresh

  4. Sanjay
    August 5, 2010

    Hi Nooresh,

    What would be the next expected target for the stock post 640? i could get anything from its chart….


    1. nooresh
      August 5, 2010

      Hi Sanjay,
      My targets were 600 odd so time to book profits and keep part of the qty to trail. 50% is SUPERB returns in a short time.

      1. sanjay
        August 5, 2010



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