Basics Of Finance Course – Mumbai August 14-15

One More Feather in the Training Hat !!!


As promised in the New Year, we continue our endeavor to adhere to the requirements of our readers and followers. On persistent demand, Analyse India is pleased to announce the introduction of our new Training Module – Basics of Finance


A lot of individuals are not lucky enough to be exposed to the financial sector. They are always under the false assumption that the subject of Finance is some Rocket Science, and the expertise is limited only to a handful of lucky individuals working is financial organizations.


The new training module is meticulously designed, keeping in mind the background and awareness levels of the common man. The training is a perfect blend of theory and practical aspects of the financial sector.

Course Features:



To impart basic knowledge of Finance, so as to enable individuals to understand, evaluate and make the right decisions in terms of money matters.


Most Suited For:

Students, Media professionals, IT professionals and Housewives in particular.

The course is also very helpful for people who are not exposed to the financial world, and who do not fit into the above mentioned category.


Course Content:


1.            Basics of Investing


·         Need for Investments

·         Real Income

·         Time Value of Money

·         Compounding

·         Discounting

2.            Types of Investments


3.            Basics of Fundamental Analysis


4.            Basics of Technical Analysis

5.            Basics of Equities Markets


·         Concepts

·         Terminologies

·         Derivatives


6.            Investment Strategies


7.            Basics of Mutual Funds


·         Working of MFs

·         Why invest in MFs

·         Types

·         Calculation of NAV

·         FMPs


8.            Basics of Insurance


·         Need for Insurance

·         Determination of Life Cover

·         Term Plans

·         Endowment Plans

·         ULIPS


9.            Taxation


10.         QuickGyaan


11.         Question & Answers


Basic Details:


How long:      2 days (Sat & Sun)


Fees:             Rs. 2,500

Inclusive of:  Tea/coffee, Lunch and Stationery


To register, call Asif on 09833666151 or mail us at

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