Technical Analysis Training and Advisory Services are Expensive ???

This is a question which lot many people ask in and try to bargain for our services !!! And i end up answering in a simple manner without budging on the PRICE !
Below i am writing a small post which would help me TALK LESS daily in the queries and would be an ANSWER to all readers..... With the 1 hour + i need to analyze more Talk less too πŸ™‚

So i ll list down a few points which are interesting and should be read by all so before asking me on the reasons they have a ready reckoner to read.
Technical Analysis Training
1) The charges are Rs 14,000 for the 2 day course !!! Whoa thats too much isnt it ..... !!
--- > This is conducted for a group of 6-10 people. Would it make more sense to keep a monlogue for 30-50 people at 5-7k ??
Financially yes ! we could make more money as well as sell lot many other products !! from Software to Services in a different packet as people wont understand the course !
2 ) What more do you have in the course ?
--- > For people in Mumbai 2 weeks of joint analysis ( Can be any 2 weeks after the course ). For others we provide back up support for next 1 month !! ........Thats a big commitment and all queries are taken right from software to doubts to strategies.... ( Well off the book i have been interacting with people who did the course couple of years back - I was on teamviewer solving an installation issue just 10 mins back)
--- > Software + Historical Data + End of Day Data for 1 year !!! ( data can be used on Multiple PCs ) + We dont keep you hungry for 2 days πŸ™‚ ( Lunch/Tea is on us )
Many people end up paying more then 15k only for the above thing in the market and then waste their time understanding it ............You need to understand you may have a FISHING NET but if you dont know how to Fish its just a piece of CRAP !
-- > Tried and Tested Template, Simple Money Making Methods and above all how to use the charting software !!! Also what not to USE as there is lot of theoretical shit available on Technical Analysis !
-- > The course is done by Mr N S Fidai ( 18 yrs Exp ) and Nooresh ( 5 yrs ). The technical accuracy and consistency over last 3-4 years is for all to check so i wont speak on that !
-- > Why should one LEARN TECHNICAL ANALYSIS ----
Majority of the people come to markets thinking making 30-40% over a year ( Majority of the people want it per month /quarter ) is so bloody easy in markets and guess what we need NO DEGREE, NO EXPERIENCE . All one needs is CAPITAL !!!
If that was so easy then why would one WORK anywhere else. For a salaried chap who makes 6-12-18 lakhs per annum it would be so easy to sell his INHERITED HOME of 50 lakhs make 10 lakhs a year sitting with a 20k computer !!
Quite a lot of people are comfortable paying LOADS of Money to the Market but not a small amount on THEMSELVES !! ..... So would you like to LEARN HOW TO MAKE MONEY or NOT ?
I personally suggest people to LEARN so there is CONVICTION and INDEPENDENCE in their trades/investments and over a period of time this would lead to EXPONENTIAL GAINS !!! ....
But you guys would only PAY US ONCE .... There should be some royalty clause !!
For more updates on our courses keep checking our schedules.
-- > There is a reluctancy in many traders/investors to solicit professional advice or take an effort to find consistent professionals who are good at Markets !!
But yes there is always a hurry in everyone to make A QUICK BUCK on some shouting voice on TV or on the road which usually leads to a good amount of LOSSES.
-- > The thrill to make or lose in the market is more important then the real aspect of some serious business being done .... Also making money is easier but keeping it lot more difficult ... Thats where our conservative attitude also helps.
-- > So if you do not have the inclination to LEARN and DO it YOURSELF i would suggest subscribe to US or many other professionals who have been consistent over a period of time. Its better then losing MONEY and OPPORTUNITIES !!!
For people who just do not have the aptitude towards Learning and Doing it yourself we can help you with WEALTH MANAGEMENT !!
For More about our services check or call Nooresh 09819225396 ( AFTER MKT HOURS )
Technical Analysis Training Schedule :

Mumbai ---- > January 23rd - 24 th 2010.
Banglore --- > January 9th-10th ( few seats left )

DELHI --- > FEB 6th -7th 2010
We have a few interested people in Delhi,Coimbatore,Hyderabad. So if people would like a session in their city please mail to
Sensex the next Multibagger ... a technical view Banglore January 9th - Time 6 pm to 9.30 pm. Mail to to register. Charges Rs 500.

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