MoneyVidya- A nice web site

Introducing a good website which i came across.

Just a brief on the same. is an online community where anybody can share stock recommendations (stock picks). Its differentiator from standard message boards and other social investing sites is its superior Investor Rating System, which rates each member (on a 5 star scale) based the performance of past picks that the member has shared with the community. Since the rating takes into account the past performance rather than the user feedback, it ceases to be a popularity contest, which many social networks eventually turn out to be.

On you can:

  • Make stock picks and become a top member
  • Get paid for being highly rated and providing recommendations (coming soon)
  • Find and profit from picks which match your personal investment style
  • Discuss stocks, sectors and investment strategies with friends and top rated members through forums and chat, created your own polls, and read and write blogs.
Register yourself and do give your feedback on the site.



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