14650-14700 for now a good resistance….

Sensex Technical View :

Sensex managed to move up slowly from lower levels but still not convincing enough. Till 14k holds one can expect a bounce to 14650/14900 in short term. Continue to wait and watch and be stock specific with strict stops.
Stocks to watchout for :
NTPC gave a smart move, IDBI and GDL trying to breakout buy on dips. Tata Motors stop 345-347.
Saksoft, Classic Diamonds of the stocks discussed has not performed but keep exposures low was said before. Still the same view remains fundamentally decent but one will need patience and risk apetite.
Insecticides India suggested at 55-60 has moved upto 72 ca n now look to book at 75-80 to reduce acquisition cost and stay invested for long term.
No stock picks for the day as lot of our trades are in the day only ( Client trades - NTPC 191 to 200, JP associated 193 to 210, GDL 107 to 115 ) .


Quite a few people could'nt attend the Webinar on Technical Analysis on last Sunday - 21st June. We also received requests from the attendees, that they would be glad to brush up the session once again.
The direct link for for the recording is given below:
Go through it and send in a detailed feedback to analyseindia@gmail.com. This was a trial run so later we can come up with more and better interactive webinars.
Best Regards,

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