NooreshTech Quick Hacks – Track stocks that can go into FnO Ban

In this new series of quick hacks, we will try to up your trading and investing skills by helping you find free tools to analyze. I hope you like it!

Track FnO stocks ban list

Did you know that a FnO stock goes into a ban period once it crosses 95% of its market wide position
limit. And remain in the ban period until its MWPL does not fall below the 80% mark.

One is not allowed to take a fresh position until the stock comes out of the ban period

Ever wondered from where to track whether the stock will go into ban or come out of the ban? has this feature where they track the MWPL in the live market and you will be able to see the stocks which can go into ban or stocks which can come out the ban



Go to & login with your credentials
Click on Futures tab —> go to MWPL tab


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