Finally the schedule is out for the TECHNICAL ANALYSIS TRAINING WORKSHOP for the next couple of months.






If you would like a training session in your city and are a group of interested people go mail us on


Important Features

-> Learn how to use Metastock Software

-> Small Batch size of 8-12 participants so highly interactive session.

-> 1 month back up support in case of queries

-> Free Refresher Session any time in next 6 months.

-> Historical Data since 1979 for practice.

-> Lots of powerpoints/pdfs and training material.

-> Mode of communication – English, Hindi and Gujarati.

and much much more….


To register yourself for the program make the payment in the following account. For people wanting to make payment in cash can make a part payment in the account and rest at the venue.



Current Account Name:    ANALYSE INDIA

Account Number:               06662000000066

Bank Name:                        HDFC BANK

BRANCH :                            VERSOVA , MUMBAI

IFSC CODE :                       HDFC0000019

OR For more details call Ankit 09899899989 Nooresh 09819225396  or mail to


Just a brief outline of the topics which will be covered.


Topics for Technical Analysis and Brief Pointers on what will be the learnings from each topic.

Introduction to Stock Analysis

1. How to remove bias and become an effective analyst.

2 .Why many Analysts fail to comprehend market movements.

3. Group Exercises.

Brief Intro to Technical Analysis as most of them have completed 3 workshops.

Principles and Assumptions of Technical Analysis and how it has evolved but application remains the same.

CandleSticks /CandleStick Patterns

1 Understand how candlesticks are displayed and various patterns.

2 Examples of turnarounds, bullish breakouts shown by Candlestick Patterns.

3 Selection of Important Candlestick patterns to be used and which to be chucked.

Moving Averages / Moving Average Convergences

1.Which set of moving averages to use and why. Tried and Tested set of moving averages which are different from the copybook analysis

And work more effectively giving sharper signals.

2. How moving averages can be used for particular stocks.

3. How a set of moving averages can point out big trending signals much before any other technical tools. Examples of 2005 bull market, 2008 bear signaled Through moving averages.

Price and Volume Analysis

1.How prices react to volumes and to gauge momentum using price-volume data.oscillators and Indicators

1.What are the various indicators and their usage.

2.The set of tried and backtested indicators which are most effective.

3.Why one should not use any indicators!!! How they are absolutely useless at times ( example MACD is rendered useless in many situations)

4.Technical Analysis is about everything apart from Indicators.

Higher Tops Higher Bottoms / Trend Formations

1. Identifying strong trending markets.

2.When to exit or add more positions and not be left away in a good or bad market.

Various Technical Patterns Part 1 – Channels

1. Various Type of Channels and Whipsaws

2. Identify false breakdowns where many analysts get trapped.

3.How Parallel Channels can give you the best entry and exit points.

Margins and False Breakouts

1. A majorly important topic where one will learn how to discard false breakouts.

2.Why bookish technical analysis doesn’t work and traps are created.

Various Technical Patterns Part 2 – Double Tops / Triple Tops

1. Identify topping out patterns and get extremely quick Short Trades.

Various Technical Patterns Part 3 – Flags/Pennants

1. Project short term targets using continuation patterns like Flags/Pennants.

2.Practical Target Calculations

Various Technical Patterns Part 4 – Triangles and various types/

1.Precise target calculations to find momentum breakout trades

2. How to use Volumes in the above pattern for early entry.

Fibonacci Retracement Levels : markets reverse from retracement levels.

2. Using Fibonacci for target calculations.  Using some fibo levels which nobody uses but works superbly

3. Magic of Fibonacci Series and also examples right from 1992 !

Head and Shoulders and Variations

1. How to differentiate Head and Shoulders and use it effectively

2. The Target calculations and formation has changed from the classical way.

3.Which variations to discard and not use ( very imp)


Market and Trading Strategy

Words of Wisdom

Amalgamation of all Analysis and Miscellaneous Topics ( will be discussed only in the program cannot be disclosed)

Practical Analysis Sessions + Examples

1)   Revision of all the Topics

2)   How to use all the observations to come out with a technical view , precise targets and risk reward.

3)  Installation and Default Settings for Technical Analysis Software and our exclusive Technical Template.

4) Tutorial on using various technical tools like trendlines, indicators etc on softwares.

5) Various examples on all the topics  covered with many recent samples.

6) Analysis of the Stocks for current Market Scenario.

7)  Question and Answer Session




Fees : Rs 14000

Timings – 9.30 a.m to 6 p.m

Batch Size – 6-12participants.




Nooresh Merani


  1. bhanu
    January 10, 2013


    Could you provide the location/hotel etc in Bangalore where this training is scheduled?


  2. Abhishek Dixit
    January 16, 2013

    Nooresh Bhai,
    What is your opinion on GSFC ?


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