Technical Traders Room – A Broadcast for Traders

Technical Traders Room – A Broadcast for Traders

Greetings from NooreshTech

Launching a new product for all the traders. There is a lot of exchange of ideas that takes place internally within our team. The idea here is to extend these ideas to all the traders out there!

Over the years after training thousands of students on technical analysis, we have come across a common pain point for many participants, where they gave time to learn the subject but lacked the time to invest in practicing looking at charts daily, due to work and family commitments. They lost touch and eventually lost the motivation that they had while learning the subject.

We being full-time, scan through more than 1000-1500 charts on daily basis and keep looking out for the setups/ideas we like to trade/invest

This product is for those who are looking out for such trade setups but don’t have time to find them on their own given the limited time bandwidth.

Make no mistake, this is not an advisory or research service.

This is just a plain broadcast service of what we are seeing in the market and our expectations. We pass on what we see, the decision-making and risk management of buying and selling is completely left to the trader.

Who should subscribe?

  • If you don’t have time to generate stock ideas
  • If you like our ideation style and are just keen to know, what are we looking at
  • If you are looking out for idea generation based on technical, insider trading, or other data points (delivery data, buybacks, bulk deals, etc.)
  • You are your own decision maker and you don’t need any financial advice or expertise

Who should not subscribe?

  • If you are looking out for financial advice or expertise
  • If you are looking out for buy and sell calls with a proper risk management system (Do have a look at Technical Traders Club and Quick Gains Offering)

To sum it up, only subscribe to this product if you think you can make your own trading decision based on our ideas

Subscription amount

  • Monthly: Rs 1200/-
  • Half Yearly: Rs 6000/-
  • Yearly: Rs 11000/-

Subscription Link :

Please note after subscribing, you will be added to Telegram and Rigi Channel in 24 hours

Whatsapp us at 7977801488 - NooreshTech for any queries