Investment Opportunities using Insider Trading–Video and Report.

Did another recorded chat with Harsh regarding how tracking insider trading helps you find some stocks worth investing / researching.



Some Points

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  • Well, the data for insider trading is freely available on exchange website, however a monthly exercise on the data, gives us more insightful context on promoter buying which we tend to miss if we see a daily report on exchange This is how data on exchange looks, ugly



  • Insider Trading Report - June 2021 - A Glimpse Contents of Report



  • Screenshots from the report Promoter buying details and Technical Chart





Moreover, get access to a google sheet where we track price performance of stocks where insider buying from open market has taken place. Also get access to past months data

Apart from above, once in a while if we find an interesting opportunity worth looking into, we come up with a stock story (not a recommendation) One can do their own due diligence before entering the stock mentioned in Insider Stock Story Performance of Past Stock Stories


You can check older reports and stock stories on this link - 



Annually - 12 Reports - Rs 4999/- (Approx 416 / Report)

Quarterly - 3 Reports - Rs 1999/- (Approx 500 / Report)

Mode of Communication - Email Please drop a whatsapp on 7977801488 after subscription.

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